Going Green

October 4, 2012

For all future projects and for my health and yours, I will be switching to a Low-VOC paint: Benjamin Moore Natura. Using a Low-VOC paint does not mean a lower quality. In fact, it means a higher quality job and one that has health benefits for your living space. Low-VOC paints reduce emissions and toxic air in your living space as well as provide an environmentally friendly option to traditional paints without sacrificing the quality.

Philadelphia Warehouse

February 23, 2012

Here is a project we’re currently working on (Painting only / Please click for larger view). This is our first large scale project with No-VOC paints and it has worked out wonderfully. We’re using Benajmin Moore ECO No-VOC Paint. It covers as good as any Benajamin Moore paint and we’re extremely pleased with the results.


Here’s two updated images from our recent drywall & custom paint project on the Philadelphia Mainline.

The bathtub was primed with a metal primer and then painted with an oil based paint to match the walls of the bathroom as per the customer’s request. All wall paints used were Benjamin Moore Regal, Eggshell finish custom color matched to the customer’s request to match her interior furnishings. All trim & window paints were Benjamin Moore Regal Semi-Gloss finish, Brilliant White.


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