Recent Remodel Work | South Philadelphia Row-home

Here’s some images from a recent project that David completed. We hung and finished the upstairs bedroom and closet. The ceiling was hung over new framing. The walls were old plaster and so were the windows. Drywall was hung on lath on the side-walls and laminated to the window sil and front wall via a quick dry compound. The ceilings were 8’6″ and a small 3/8″ piece of drywall was inserted into the gaps in the joints to create a smooth and level finish. Vinyl beed were installed around the windows. 3/8 inch drywall was installed over plaster in the hallway and hallway ceiling. The wall going down the stairs was skimmed with quick dry powder and given a finish coat with Plus-3 Joint Compound for a smooth finish.

In the Dining Room, an old closet was removed by the homeowner and patches were placed in the old space and leveled out with a quick dry powder and finished again with Plus-3 Joint Compound.

Please click the images below for a better view!


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