Lancaster Garage, Drywall Hang, Finish & Paint


Before (Tuesday Morning)

After (Friday Afternoon)

After (Friday Afternoon)

This garage, just south of Lancaster City in Lampter-Strasburg, was from a home built in the 80s that didn’t require drywall installation in the garage to accommodate code. Tuesday morning of this week, the drywall was dropped off. By Friday afternoon, the drywall was hung and finished and a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore paint was added; China White Eggshell on the walls and Ceiling White on the Ceiling (an incredible ultra-flat that I highly recommend). Twenty minute joint compound was used to speed the job along and Plus 3 Finishing compound was used for the top coat to provide a balanced and smooth finish.


Mainline Addition – December 2011

Here’s a new project we’re in the midst of. You can see start (drywall hanging & finishing) all the way to prime & ready for paint — we’re currently wrapping up the painting.

Click to see a full size version.

Some notes on how we approach a job.

  • Drywall is hung with adhesive. This keeps screw & nail pops to a minimum.
  • Drywall is used in longest lengths available for each room. This means less joints and less stress on the existing joints.
  • We use only Benjamin Moore primers and Paints. We find that they provide superior coating to all other paints. No-VOC Paints are available from Benjamin Moore for those interested.